Vocal Profile

Female | Range 30 - 45 | Non-Union

Voice Description

Distinctive sound, a storyteller who creates an immediate connection, makes the listener feel good about what you have to say.

Vocal Qualities

Warm • Mature • Authoritative Versatile • Friendly • Articulate

Industry Specialties

• Narration
• Commercials
• Animation
• Story telling

Voice Demos




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Catherine has voiced many commercials including:

• Radio campaign for Ancestry.ca
• Narration for film - Shift of the Ages
• Canadian Tire "Crowd Igniters" - We all Play for Canada National TV campaign
• The Arthritis Society - TV PSA

Studio Training

Narration, Commercial & Animation Workshops including: Mike Kirby's Voiceworks, Edge Studio, Elley-Ray Hennessey, Debra Munro, Kim Hurdon, Jesse Thompson, Tanya Buchanan, and Bob Cook.

Intensive Professional Workshop: Marice Tobias.

About Catherine Logan

Catherine had many years of training in theatre and voice in her youth - then many years of teaching acting, drama, writing and English literature as a grown-up. She has taken plenty of workshops and has studio experience in narration, commercial and animation voiceover work. Catherine is now involved in a second career which takes her back to her first love.


Home Studio

• Audition Quality Home Studio
• Access to a professional level studio ISDN



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Contact Catherine

mobile 416-859-1141
studio 416-425-5541
email catlog@bell.net
location Toronto, Canada

Representation | Canada

Tanya Buchanan
TaDa! Voiceworks
email info@tadavoiceworks.com